We offer a broad selection of chemicals targeted for the treatment of raw water, wastewater and water for boilers and cooling towers. All our products are formulated under strict supervision and control with technical backup from our American Consultant.  Together with our consultant, we have more than 30 years of experience in providing services in these fields


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Boiler Water Treatment
The main objective of boiler water treatment is to achieve a clean boiler internal condition without pitting, scaling and maintain a continuous supply of pure steam to the process line and also for power generation.  For the past 20 years, Aquakimia have been successfully supplying boiler chemicals to serve palm oil mills, palm oil refineries, oleo chemicals, food industries, rubber and glove factories, bulking and others, also providing technical supports to handle all their daily water related problems.
Range of Boiler Chemicals
Oxygen Scavenger Scale Inhibitor Alkalinity Booster Sludge Conditioner
Prox 218 Protect 401 Protect 450 Prosperse 510
Prox 219 Protect 402 Protect 350 Prosperse 511
Prozine 35 Protect 406   Prosperse 512
Steam / Condensate Conditioner Fuel Oil Conditioner Defoamer
Prosperse 150 Prosperse 508 Prosperse 160
Cooling Water Treatment

Similar to boiler water treatment, the main objective of cooling water treatment is to operate cooling system at maximum heat-transfer rate and minimum unscheduled shutdown through prevention of corrosion, scale deposition with additional prevention of biological fouling in the cooling water system.


Range of Cooling Chemicals

Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Alkalinity Booster Anti foulant Mircrobiocide
Protect 331 Protect 455 Prosperse 519 Procide 250
Protect 339 Protect 355 Prosperse 417 Procide 270
      Procide 278
      Procide 279

Raw and Waste Water Treatment

Throughout the past 20 years, Aquakimia had been supplying tonnes and tonnes of coagulant, flocculation aid, pH adjuster and flocculant under the label of Specialty Chemicals to treat the raw water in the rural areas and areas where the JBA couldn’t be reached ( like all Palm Oil Mills )  to clarify the river and underground water for both domestic and factory use.  Wastewater Treatment Plant is another area where we supply similar and additional products, like cultured mutant bacteria and absorption filter media to clarify the wastewater in the chemical physical coagulation process to reduce the TSS, BOD and COD before undergone the aeration process for further digestion of BOD and COD through activated sludge process.

Range of Specialty Chemicals

Coagulant pH Adjuster Polyelectrolyte
Profloc 1090 Protect 455 Profloc  1018,   Profloc 1022
Profloc 1092   Profloc 1020,    Profloc 1023
Profloc 1088   Profloc 1021,    Profloc 5658
Flocculation Aid Absorption Filter Media Dry Culture Mutant Bacteria
Profloc 530 Activated Carbon Aquabact 1000
  Aquasorb 108  
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