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Turnkey Wastewater Treatment System

Aquakimia had more than 20 years experience in design, supply and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants. It had delivered and commissioned wastewater treatment plants for palm oil mills, palm oil refineries, Power plants, Fertilizer, Oil Refineries, Oleochemical, food, Rubber, Chemical and Electronic industries. We offer highly specialized solutions using suitable processes to handle different requirements. For environmental solutions, a good understanding of the types of contaminant is needed. By using optimum solutions to reduce or mitigate each parameter, an efficient wastewater treatment plant can be designed. We have offered solutions to plants ranging from 10m3/day to more than 3,500m3/day. As we have our own fabrication facilities, we are able to offer highly individualized solutions for each plant.

We are experienced in offering design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer plants. We have some of the B.O.O.T. plants since the late 1990s. We provide highly specialized, experienced and trained operators who would be based at the clients? facilities to operate the plant that is designed and supplied by us.

Palm Oil Mill Polishing System < 20ppm BOD

There is an increasing awareness and requirement for the palm oil mills to have discharge with BOD of less than 20ppm. However conventional palm oil mill effluent (POME) using open lagoons may have a discharge of about 100ppm BOD or more. To bring the BOD to below 100ppm, the mills must install specially designed Polishing System to treat the effluent from the last pond to less than 20ppm before final discharge.

In order to meet compliance to meet below 20ppm BOD, highly specialized and efficient biological systems must be designed. We offer a range of systems depending on the characteristics of the POME discharge as well as the existing conditions of the effluent ponds. The final design could be with or without chemical dosing and it depends on the current discharge from the final pond before the Polishing system. Attached Growth system is highly efficient to remove significant quantity of BOD per day with a small foot print. We offer a wide range of attached growth systems which can be used at various locations and applications. The Attached Growth system can be either the trickling filter or the submerged system, depending on the objectives and the design. The aeration system can be either the fine bubble or the tube diffuser system or even the use of surface aerators. The design of the aeration system is critical to treat the remaining BOD that is present in the final discharge from the ponds. By offering efficient design for the aeration system, the energy and operating cost for the treatment plant can be optimized. The compact and efficient Aqua-IPC Inclined Plate Clarifier System would allow the settled biomass to be returned to the aeration tank thereby ensuring that the treatment process can be stable and optimized as well as to reduce the carry over of the fine suspended solids. Finally, Aquasorb filters followed by GAC filters are used to ensure that the final discharge from the Polishing plant would meet compliance to below 20ppm BOD.

Tertiary Filters ? Aquasorb Filters, GAC Filters

We offer a wide range of filters for tertiary treatment. The Aquasorb filters are special filters to remove large organic molecules which are usually present in wastewater. By removing the large molecules, it would prevent ?plugging? of the pores in the granulated activated carbon (GAC) so that the performance and the lifespan of the GAC can be greatly enhanced. Through the past 20 years of application, it had been used widely for all types of treatment process, from the polishing of the residual BOD to meet compliance below 20ppm as well as using it as a treatment system to replace conventional wastewater treatment plant, if the plant capacity is small. These special media are imported and it can be calculated to estimate the lifespan of the filter media so that the replacement can be properly programmed.

The Granulated Activated Carbon filters are excellent to remove the remaining smaller molecules in the treated wastewater. Specially selected activated carbon is used for different applications so that the performance of the carbon can be optimized. With proper design, the life span of the GAC filter can be enhanced and through the correct combination of the use of Aquasorb before the GAC filter, the treatment becomes highly cost effective.

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