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Membrane System

We offer engineering solutions to our clients to produce low cost, high efficiency water treatment system. With the latest development in Membrane technology, the cost of implementing membrane system continues to be lower. The main force of membrane technology is the fact that it works with minimal use of chemicals and with a relatively low energy use. In Reverse Osmosis, when pressure is applied on one side of the Membrane, only pure water can pass through the membrane and salt would be retained and rejected. Membrane systems continue to be improved so that higher rejection of salt with improved flux and low fouling performance can be expected. Main clients are in power plants, semiconductor plants, chemical and process industries, municipalities and other commercial plants. Most of our present applications are for Boiler Feed water for Palm Oil Mills and Refineries as well as Power generation.

In certain critical areas where there is sea water intrusion, Membrane systems are ideal to treat brackish water. It is the preferred system today due to its high performance and low operating cost.

In areas where there is no fresh water available, sea water desalination systems are becoming more popular due to the development of low energy, low fouling and high performance membranes.

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